Rigging (Maya 2017)

Character Rig: Niya

Niya is a beloved original character that I decided to model + rig in order to bring her to life. My main goal with this rig was to better my rigging practices and identify pain-points in my personal pipeline.

Model information: 5.5k vertices. Modeled, rigged, and animated in Maya 2017

Flexible Tail Ribbon Rig

I set up the tail using a ribbon rig, with aim constraints on both ends of the tail. There is an additional control on the tail end, for more control of the tail’s secondary motion.

Facial Rigging: Two Approaches


I actually think that building controls in Maya using curves is really fun, so I decided to make a bunch of blendshape controls!

Facial Area Controls

I saw a Peach face rig that was tweeted by the Super Mario Odyssey JP account, and felt inspired to create individual controls for specific areas of the face!

Arm/Leg Controls

I gave her arms/legs pretty standard IK/FK controls, paying close attention to the skinning in order to maintain anatomically-correct movement in a stylized character model.

Hilda (Fanart)

(WIP) Fanart scene for Hilda, the Netflix series. Twitter thread with periodic updates here!

Characters modeled, rigged, and animated in Maya. Level built and rendered in Unity. I created all models, particle systems, and shaders, and scripted all behaviors.